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July 2014

Bayside Residence by FMD Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

Bayside Residence Proves You Can Have Form and Function

A bayside extension clad inside and out in timber battens blurs the functional and decorative.

Energy Efficiency Redhead Alterations by Bourne Blue Architecture (via Lunchbox Architect)

Redhead Alterations: 1970s Home Transformed for Energy Efficiency

A project home from the 1970s with poor solar orientation is reconfigured and realigned. Now it catches the sun for energy efficiency.

Copper House by Takt Studio for Architecture (via Lunchbox Architect)

Quality Trumps Quantity in this Small House of Rich Materials

This coastal cottage proves that quality always trumps quantity. The small house will age gracefully thanks to quality materials.

House 6 by Welsh & Major Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

House 6: A Tiny Pavilion's Enormous Impact to a Sydney Home

Despite only adding six square meters to this home, Welsh and Major's reconfiguration and tiny pavilion have made a dramatic difference.

HOUSE House by Andrew Maynard Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

HOUSE House: A Single Building Extends Two Houses

Two homes. Both owned by the same family. A new extension designed to flank the rear of both homes to provide extra space.

Small House by Domenic Alvaro Architect (via Lunchbox Architect)

Small House Fits on a Site the Size of a Suburban Garage

A modern home with great views, connection to the outdoors and a stellar location -- on a site the size of an average suburban garage.

Mountford Road by Shaun Lockyer Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

Mountford Road: Small But Dramatic Transformation of Post War House

A new living \'pod\' provides more than space at Mountford Road - bringing light, volume, air and dramatic results to this small-scale project.

Fairbairn House by Inglis Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

Fairbairn House Pushes Materials to Their Limits

A palette of masonry, timber & stone is pushed to their physical limits. Fairbairn House is a material delight…

House Boone Murray by Tribe Studio (via Lunchbox Architect)

House Boone Murray: Young Family's Renovation Inspired by Existing Home

A fun extension for a young family is unashamedly contemporary, but takes its architectural cues from the house it expands on.

Balmain Houses by Benn & Penna Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

Balmain Houses: Neighboring Family Homes Become Interconnected

Side-by-side homes owned by two generations of the same family get an addition that explores interconnectedness and independence.

Bonnet Hill House by Dock4 Architecture (via Lunchbox Architect)

Bonnet Hill House: Simple, Honest (Minimalist) Living in Tasmania

A modest, cement clad building sits deep on a north facing bank opening to the landscape and overlooking the valley and ocean below.

Hill Plain House by Wolveridge Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

Hill Plain House: Agricultural Chic Outside; Moody Bachelor Pad Inside

From the outside Hill Plain House has an Australian agricultural feel. Inside, it's another story; dark moody and richly detailed.

Flinders Lane Apartment by Clare Cousins Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

Flinders Lane Space Efficient Apartment

This space efficient home maximizes living spaces by cleverly concealing bedrooms behind Japanese inspired screens.

The Mook (Chief's House) by Rodney Moss Architect (via Lunchbox Architect)

The Mook: A House That's More Like a Sophisticated Tent

Designed more like a sophisticated tent than your traditional home, The Mook can be built on any site with minimal disturbance.

Batten and Board House by Rob Kennon Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

Batten and Board House: A Simple 'Box' Transforms a Weatherboard

From very early on it was clear that a simple box would dramatically improve the amenity of this home. And what a beautiful box it is!

Islington House by Bourne Blue Architecture (via Lunchbox Architect)

Islington House Speaks Volumes About Its Proud New Owners

Islington House brings sunlight deep into the home and shows off the personality of its owners. A unique home for a unique couple.

Amy's House by MAKE Architecture (via Lunchbox Architect)

Amy's House: A Simple Reconfiguration Transforms this Family Home

Rather than gutting and starting again, a simple reconfiguration was all it took to make this home brighter and more comfortable.

Leura Lane House by Cooper Scaife Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

Leura Lane House: Modular Energy Efficient Home for Rural Properties

The 8.2-Star Energy Rated Leura Lane House is an impressive 2-bedroom prototype for energy efficient housing perfect for rural sites.

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