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August 2016

Herbert Street House by Architect Hewson (via Lunchbox Architect)

Packing a Lot of Functionality Into "Gloriously Small" Extension

At just 36 square metres, this compact yet thoughtful addition creates space for cooking, eating, writing, sitting and more...

The Terrace by Thomas Winwood Architecture (via Lunchbox Architect)

Townhouse is a Taste of the '70s with a Mid-Century Modern Twist

This compact inner-city townhouse has been transformed from an unremarkable '70s era building into a timeless, light-filled home.

Fitzroy House by Julie Firkin Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

A Series of Airy Spaces Cascade Down the Natural Slope of This Block

An eco-friendly, 7 star energy rated addition to an inner-city terrace feels bright, breezy and, importantly, comfortable year-round.

South Terrace Alterations and Additions by Philip Stejskal Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

Light 'Funnels' Fix East-West Orientation at This Fremantle Renovation

Orientation is the best way to make your home feel light and bright. So what can you do when your home faces the wrong way?

Boston Road Townhouse by Lachlan Shepherd Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

This Townhouse on a Small Block Stacks the Backyard on the Roof

How to deal with a small block? Don't sacrifice the backyard, stack it on top of the house and you've got a sophisticated roof deck!

Shoreham by Modscape (via Lunchbox Architect)

This Modular Home Was Built in 12 Weeks and Installed in One Day!

Want a new home for Christmas? With this beautiful modular prefab you could wake up in your finished home on Christmas morning...

Garth House by Ola Architecture Studio (via Lunchbox Architect)

An Elegant Black Timber Extension Compliments a 19th Century Home

An elegant and restrained timber addition provides the perfect modern living space for a family of five (plus two energetic dogs).

Daylesford Prefab House by Prebuilt (via Lunchbox Architect)

Striking Prefabricated Home Settles Into This Stunning Rural Site

Clad in COLORBOND® steel with a contemporary take on the traditional pitched roof, this prefab house looks right at home in the bush.

Small and Sculpted Studio Apartment by Catseye Bay (via Lunchbox Architect)

A Bold, Curvaceous Joinery Unit Completely Transforms this Apartment

Both architecture and furniture, the joinery unit designed to fit in the middle of this studio apartment allows for numerous functions.

Shakin' Stevens Residence by Matt Gibson Architecture (via Lunchbox Architect)

This Home Takes the Need to Connect to Green Space Very Seriously

You can tell something's different about this heritage home from the moment you see the lime green door and pastel green walls...

Queen Street Apartment by Dorrington Atcheson Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

From Painting Storage for a Gallery to a City Centre Family Home

Renovating an apartment is a challenge because you're confined to the existing envelope. What if it's also a heritage building?

Soloman Street Alterations and Additions by Philip Stejskal Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

Fencing Product Helps to Create a Home for a Couple of Empty Nesters

An alteration and addition to the home this couple have lived in for three decades blends in with the surrounding sheds and garages...

Lochiel Park Courtyard Home by TS4 Living (via Lunchbox Architect)

An Energy Efficient Home Designed for its Owners to Age-in-Place

With an ageing population our homes must be designed to allow us to live in them as long as possible. This house shows us how.

Melaleuca House by Sabi Design (via Lunchbox Architect)

When You Live in the Tropics, You Need a Home for Outdoor Living

Melaleuca House was designed to embrace an outdoor lifestyle for a family relocating from Darwin to more rural Howard Springs.

Waitpinga Retreat by Mountford Williamson Architecture (via Lunchbox Architect)

Australian Retreat Designed to Encourage a Laid-back Lifestyle

Waitpinga Retreat designed as a casual getaway immersed in the natural beauty of nature looks and feels very Australian.

Escu House by Bijl Architecture (via Lunchbox Architect)

This Home Shines By Extending the Living Area Into the Verandah

Meaning 'shield' in Old French, Escu House creates an expanded North facing living area protected by floor to ceiling timber screen.

Around the Corner by Statkus Architecture (via Lunchbox Architect)

Think of the Polar Bears! This Home Updated for Energy Efficiency...

Rising costs and melting ice caps. Why not use your renovation as an opportunity to improve your home's environmental credentials as well.

Foxground by Nettleton Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

A Thoughtful Home for an Elderly Widower and His Visiting Family

Built on a site with huge sentimental value, this home built for an elderly WWII veteran is low-maintenance, accessible and secure.

Claremont Residence by Keen Architecture (via Lunchbox Architect)

Love to Entertain? A Party at This House Can Spill Into the Courtyard

A home for entertainers who also travel a lot. Claremont Residence expands for parties or locks down when the owners are away.

Gogo Bach by Herbst Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

Two Uninspiring Cabins Bought for a Steal Become a Stylish Retreat

These two cabins have become something much grander than the typical granny flat or affordable beach shack they're usually used for...

Llewellyn House by studioplusthree (via Lunchbox Architect)

Derelict Inner-city House Now a Sophisticated Home for Two Musicians

The journey through this home is one of contrasting light, colour and materials, making this narrow extension feel bright, warm and rich.

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